Why Us ?

Well frankly, you will find plenty of new-age videographers out there. Like every field, we have competition too! But how many of them have made two critically acclaimed feature films that have travelled all over the world and won multiple awards? FilmMyShaadi is the wedding division of Penny Wise Films, a Delhi based production house that has been covered extensively in media for its work and does A/Vs, corporate films, animations, social films and features.  We have won Dada Saheb Phalke Award from the government of India for our films and have had the pleasure of working with the inustry’s best talent and most creative minds.

Indian weddings are one of the most colourful, intriguing, lavish and extravagant. They are a reflection of the vibrant Indian culture and life. Bringing that onto the screen has been one of the most exciting and gratifying experiences for us.  Each wedding is unique and the experience of having shot two feature films helps us understand the grandeur and scale of each and every wedding.

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